Tax Planning: What it is and What it Isn’t

15 January 2018
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Tax planning is one of those commonly used words that are not well understood by many people, who are also (coincidentally) tax payers.  Tax avoidance and tax evasion are also some of the terms that are often used in finance and are often confused with tax planning. Here is a look at all these financial terms: Tax Planning This financial term is the calculated art of avoiding or postponing tax payments within the limits and guidelines of the stipulated tax law. Read More …

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I have always been quite jealous of my grandparents. When they reached retirement age, they took off around Australia in a 4WD with a caravan and no cares in the world. They have seen many parts of Australia, and I want to do the same when I get older. However, there is no way that can happen if I do not have enough money to retire on. My blog is about investment choices you can make now that will pay for your retirement lifestyle later. I am excited to share my thoughts about the different ways you can turn a small monetary investment into a big one!