Four Crucial Guidelines for Long-term Investing

25 May 2018
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If you are interested in long-term investing, you should consult a financial expert for appropriate investment advice. Often, inexperienced individuals choose to invest without a clear understanding of the market. As a result, significant financial losses are incurred. You can avoid these problems by studying the market before making your move. Here are some essential tips for investing for long-term financial benefits. Avoid Chasing Hot Tips One of the common mistakes that new investors make is chasing hot tips. Read More …

How can a CPA help you during an interview with the taxation office and the audit?

25 January 2018
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When your business has been involved in dealings that have been found suspicious by the revenue office, they will send in auditors for an assessment. The first meeting with the officials from the office is usually non-formal, and at times referred to as a meet and greet. However, during the session, essential questions about your business, your employees and banking practices and taxation processes will come up. The person who can answer these questions without creating unnecessary tension ahead of the actual audit is a certified public accountant. Read More …

Tax Planning: What it is and What it Isn’t

15 January 2018
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Tax planning is one of those commonly used words that are not well understood by many people, who are also (coincidentally) tax payers.  Tax avoidance and tax evasion are also some of the terms that are often used in finance and are often confused with tax planning. Here is a look at all these financial terms: Tax Planning This financial term is the calculated art of avoiding or postponing tax payments within the limits and guidelines of the stipulated tax law. Read More …

Why public liability should always be part of your construction insurance policy

2 January 2018
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Whether you've just started out in the construction trade or are a seasoned professional, there's one key consideration that no-one can go without. Construction insurance. Regardless of the type of construction projects you're working on, there's always a chance that something may not go to plan. While there are many different types of insurance to consider, and many are required by law, could one part of construction insurance be slipping through the net? Read More …

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